When There is No “Why”

sadness, tragedy, hardshipBecause we live in an imperfect world with imperfect people, we will be hurt by others and by unfortunate circumstances.  It is a fact of life that is no more escapable than the fact of death.  So it is important to develop a healthy way of dealing with pain and sorrow without it scarring our faith and locking us into a cage of bitterness that will, after all, eventually corrupt all Continue reading

Finding Connections: A Walk on the Wild Side

friends, friendship, connectingSo many people complain of loneliness and say that no one “gets” them.  So they isolate from other people and attempt to live more and more unto themselves.  Unfortunately, this only leads to more distrust, even paranoia, and greater unhappiness because we are social creatures by design and not built for isolation.  But for people who are very introverted or who have Continue reading

The Interpretation of Friendship

friends, friendshipHave you ever noticed that just when you need people the most, just when the hour is the darkest…everyone seems to desert you? If ever you needed a friend, or a shoulder to lean on – by golly, they are all occupied or just plain disinterested. So, you think, “Okay. That was just a fluke. They’ll be there for me the next time.” But what do you know, it happens again. And again. And again. An occasional person will come through when you least expect it (or need it), but when the chips are down, you Continue reading

What is Success: Seeing the “Heads” Side of Life

money, successLife can be very, very hard sometimes. Everywhere you turn there seems to be an abundance of bad news. There seems to be no shortage of people who are willing to mistreat you or someone you love. Tempers flare. No one seems to really care. So, it is very easy to focus on all of the negative aspects of people, of life, of your job, or of those things around you and start to feel like everything is out of control. Perhaps this means that Continue reading

How Do I Change Me: Golden Opportunities

change, habitsYou know the old saying, “When it rains, it pours.” Well, boy was it raining when I wrote this. Literally and figuratively. I looked out at the rain and the clouds and it looked so gloomy as the fog hid the beautiful mountains from view.  In fact, the hiding was so complete, it was as if they didn’t exist at all…there was only a sheet of gray fog.  So I thought, “I’ll just stay inside today,” which is to say that I also wanted stay in the same old familiar emotional rut because pressing onward and upward, well, just Continue reading

How Do I Find Happiness: The Inspired Life

happiness, inspirationOne of my goals for 2014 is to learn how to consistently live a truly inspired life.  Perhaps you share this goal.  But first, we have to know what this actually means!  Inspiration can be defined as “the process of being mentally stimulated to do something, especially something creative.” Certainly, being mentally stimulated and working creatively rank high on many of our priority lists!  And people frequently report that creativity often serves as an amazing antidote for boredom, fatigue and moodiness that is faltering toward the doldrums. Continue reading

What is Mindfulness: The Right Now

mindfulnessWhat is mindfulness Mindfulness is a crucial skill for anyone, for there seems to be no lack of worrisome items.  The  to-do list runs the length of a 20k marathon and fourteen people seem to need your attention at once.  And like a run-away train, our thoughts can collide and erupt into frustration and anger or spiral down to apathy or depression.  So many of the thoughts that feed our negative emotions focus either on the past or on the future – the two time frames we can never inhabit in the Continue reading

Successful Entrepreneurs: The Happy Entrepreneur

entrepreneursAlthough owning your own business certainly has its trying moments, I have to say that I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Long gone are the days when I feared what my boss would say, rushed out the door in a panic for fear of being late and dealing with the repercussions, or agonized over the decision as to whether to stay home with my sick child or go to work.  And when the paycheck comes…it is so satisfying because, well, I know that I have certainly earned it. Continue reading

The Raving Optimist

optimism, hopeWell…here we are again…on the edge of a brand new year with all its glowing potential for promise and all its hidden opportunities for disappointment.  When it comes to life, some people believe in fate or blind luck.  Others believe in destiny of sorts.  I suppose I don’t strictly believe in either.  I believe we have free will and ample opportunity to make good decisions regarding our own life…or to suffer from bad ones.  Truly, we all have the same amount of time each day to build a life worth living.  But it is totally up to us. Continue reading